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The key to designing a kitchen that precisely meets your needs

Nowadays the modern kitchen is being increasingly customised to individual needs and lifestyles. That’s why the team at Kitcheners ® continues to make every effort to ensure that their kitchen designers have a full understanding of what is known as Dynamic space.

Dynamic space enables the modern kitchen to be customised to individual needs and lifestyles so that one can derive more comfort, functionality and enjoyment from their new kitchen. It is based on five core zones that are known as Consumables, Non-consumables, Cleaning, Preparation and Cooking.

The Consumables zone contains typical consumer goods such as canned goods, rice and pasta as well as refrigerated and frozen foodstuffs. In the Non-consumables zone you can store dishes, glasses and cutlery, plus other ‘odds and ends’. The Cleaning zone contains household cleaners and cleaning utensils plus space for the sink, the dishwasher as well as garbage. The Preparation zone is the main work area and where you will find kitchen utensils, small electrical appliances, chopping boards and spices. And finally the Cooking zone includes the oven, microwave, rangehood along with pots, pans, cooking utensils and baking trays.

With considered design and planning and adherence to the 5 Zones, today’s kitchens can be truly customised to your needs and lifestyles by optimising space and making everything generally more organized and accessible so that your new kitchen is a satisfying place.