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Keeping kids safe in the kitchen

Before we embark on designing a new kitchen there are many things we need to consider such as our pattern of usage and our specific cooking needs. Our lifestyle will largely dictate the style, size and layout of our new kitchen, especially when we have a family to consider.

Kitcheners® Kitchens recognises this and has devoted itself to helping families create their dream kitchen that is stylish, functional, practical and most importantly, safe. So what should one do to keep a kitchen as safe as possible for their children?

There are many obvious features to a safe kitchen like cabinet locks but Kitcheners ® will always delve deeper and explore aspects that you may not normally consider in a new kitchen. For example, installing counter tops with rounded corners to prevent bumps and bruises. A Kitcheners ® designer will think laterally such as estimating a child’s height when factoring in sight lines. Cooking areas will be designed at optimum levels to lower the risk of a curious child getting into trouble.

Kitcheners ® will also advise on safer appliances such as recommending oven models with a ventilation system designed to keep the glass door as cool as possible. Similarly, they may suggest cooktops with removable hob protectors.

Safety aside, Kitcheners ® will also recommend child friendly materials that make sense. All our kitchen designers know the best finishes that are easy to clean, low maintenance and incredibly durable. For instance, if you have young children, you may want to avoid expensive stone benchtops. Likewise you may want to steer clear of stainless steel appliances that can attract those sticky little fingers.

For more ideas about safe, child-friendly new kitchens call Kitcheners ® Kitchens today.


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