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Kitcheners ® Kitchens - climate friendly kitchen business

Climate Friendly Business

Kitcheners ® Kitchens

Kitcheners ® Kitchens is the first Kitchen company in Australia to be endorsed as a 'Climate Friendly Business'. It achieved this by implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) to measure its carbon footprint, offset 100% of measured carbon emissions and ensure an energy efficiency and waste reduction strategy is implemented.

Kitcheners ® has measured its carbon footprint since January 2008 when it commenced logging Greenhouse Gas emission data. Kitcheners ® commissioned a consultant company, Climate Friendly, to help develop and implement the EMS. Kitcheners ® buys 100% GreenPower for all of its electricity and invests in international quality renewable energy credits for travel, transport, waste footprints.

Kitcheners ® is committed leading the industry on climate change action.
Customers are becoming more environmentally aware, factoring environmental considerations into purchase decisions, and are starting to show an interest in environmentally friendly ranges. Employee's want to work for a company that has a positive impact on the environment, and environmental credentials are increasingly becoming an important factor in the list of companies that people want to work for.

At Kitcheners ® Kitchens, we take environmental issues seriously. All of our wooden doors are constructed from timbers grown in managed re-growth forests. At Kitcheners ® Kitchens we believe we have a responsibility to help protect and preserve our environment for future generations.


Kitchen - Green Power

Kitcheners ® Kitchens - Climate Friendly Business

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