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Kitchen Articles

Kitchen Sponges

Most discussion about kitchen sponges is around the amount of bacteria they can harbor. A study that found some sponges to contain more bacteria than a toilet bowl sent people scurrying to buy more sponges and change them more often.

Six Kitchen Cleaning Tips - 12 minutes to a Clean Kitchen

There's nothing worse to killing a great mood first thing in the morning than walking into a filthy kitchen! Devoting 12 minutes of your life and using these six kitchen cleaning tips before you go to bed will go a long way towards that great mood tomorrow morning! The key is cleaning in steps!

100 Kitchen Tips

1. If gum dries up, add a little vinegar and stir.
2. Store nail polish bottles in the refrigerator to prevent the polish from drying up.
3. To get a dry sketch pen working again, pour three or four drops of hot water into the sponge tube inside and wait a while.

Energy efficient kitchen

Kitcheners ® Kitchens has compiled some simple energy-savings tips for people seeking to cut their energy bills. For starers, we believe you should consider replacing those older refrigerator and dishwashers (those that are eight to ten years old), even the aging clothes washing machine, with new appliances.

Keeping kids safe in the kitchen

Before we embark on designing a new kitchen there are many things we need to consider such as our pattern of usage and our specific cooking needs. Our lifestyle will largely dictate the style, size and layout of our new kitchen, especially when we have a family to consider.

Kitchens designed with seniors in mind

Kitcheners ® is committed to custom designing a kitchen to suit all specific needs, including those of seniors. One such popular design feature is the SERVO-DRIVE pull-out system which Kitcheners ® Kitchens has found very popular with all their clients, particularly their elderly clientele.

Caring for stainless steel

This month we’re answering concerns our clients often have about taking care of stainless steel surfaces in their kitchen. Because while it is stylish and appealing, the stainless steel needs regular maintenance to look brand new for many years. Luckily, you just have to follow a few simple instructions to keep the stainless steel surfaces shining and looking great.

Kitchen Floor options

Choosing the right material for your kitchen floor is important. Your choice will depend on your budget, environment and lifestyle. If you’re a parent with kids running around making a mess, an amateur chef, or you use the kitchen for parties and show, your kitchen floor needs will differ. So take some time to consider your flooring options and decide what will work best for your individual needs to create the perfect kitchen environment.

Selecting a kitchen cutting board

Almost every single kitchen owner will need a cutting board, but every owner is different when it comes to board preference. As many of you will know, it can be incredibly frustrating to be cutting a large piece of meat on a tiny board, or furiously trying to scrub stubborn food off.

How to cook for your fussy child

Having a child who refuses to eat is a cause of stress for many parents. It can be heartbreaking to see your carefully planned meal that you spent the past 2 hours preparing being shoved around the plate with a fork, with your child adamantly refusing to eat even a bite - and finally requesting a chocolate bar or fish fingers instead.

Entertaining in the Kitchen

The majority of kitchens that Kitcheners ® design are more than just cooking spaces. They are often the living and entertaining hubs of the home where family and friends congregate. The ‘entertaining’ brief given to the designer always requires them to put both their practical and aesthetic hats on so they can help create something that is both stylish and functional.

The benchtop that’s best for you

When you have stone, laminate, granite, marble, steel, timber and concrete to choose from, it’s very challenging to choose the ideal benchtop surface for your new kitchen.

Improving Access in Kitchens

A wheelchair-accessible kitchen must be carefully considered in the design process and requires an understanding of kitchen design. A kitchen designer needs to comprehend individual user needs and abilities.

It's Movember Again

Once again the team at Kitcheners ® Kitchens has decided to ditch the razors for the month of Movember, in a bid to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer and male depression.

Spend Christmas Time Around New Kitchen

Families tend to spend significant time in the kitchen over the summer holidays. You’re likely to have the family and friends around for Christmas meals, while you’ll probably be entertaining the kids and their friends over the summer holidays.

A Kitchen that precisely meets your needs

Nowadays the modern kitchen is being increasingly customised to individual needs and lifestyles. That’s why the team at Kitcheners ® continues to make every effort to ensure that their kitchen designers have a full understanding of what is known as Dynamic space.

The iPad 2 Giveaway

To win yourself a brand new Apple iPad 2 simply answer one simple question.

Choosing the right kitchen floor

For some of us the kitchen floor will be the same material as the rest of the living area, yet if it’s not, we need to consider what flooring precisely suits our needs and lifestyle.

Cook with green ingredients

Kitcheners ® Kitchens was proud to be the first Australian kitchen company endorsed as a 'Climate Friendly Business'. It achieved this by implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) ...

Add value to your home

One of the best ways to reinvigorate your home is a new kitchen. It’s the popular scene of so much activity whether it’s cooking, eating, entertaining or even helping kids with their homework.

Kids in the kitchen - keeping them safe

NSW Food Authority recently released an article detailing safe practices to keep kids safe in the kitchen. It documented how NSW Primary Industries Minister Katrina Hodgkinson was encouraging parents to cook with their kids.

Add value to your home

Above the sink and benchtops, you’ll find that extremely important space known as the kitchen splashback. With the right touch, it can truly complete your new kitchen.

A blind choice

One important finishing touch for your new kitchen is blinds. The style and colour naturally need to match your kitchen, while it helps if they are easy to clean. We recommend ...

Blum's user-friendly wall cabinet

Blum strives to bring greater practicality to furniture, especially in kitchens, and has recently been discussing its latest study on ergonomic wall cabinets with ...

Laminex new online design tool

Designing an interior space is a huge investment in terms of time and budget, and homeowners are increasingly looking online for design guidance to simplify the ...

Kitchen Cabinets

Selecting the perfect kitchen cabinets for your new kitchen is one of the main decisions you'll need to make before you commence your renovation. Cabinetry can ...

Picking the best benchtops

Benchtops are the striking feature of any kitchen yet when it comes to choosing an ideal surface it can sometimes be difficult to make a choice. From stone to laminate, marble ...