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Property Investment

How will Kitcheners ® improve your property investment?

Property is now the preferred investment vehicle for most Australians. With the value of property growing at double-digit rates in Sydney up until 2004, the inflated wealth for property investors compels them to enhance the value in their asset through renovations and maintenance. Rental properties are now a growing segment making it imperative that landlords are able to attract quality tenants, through measures like new and outstanding features such as a new kitchen.

As an investment property owner, you have 2 major concerns: time and money. Kitcheners ® is dedicated to delivering kitchens that minimise tenant disruptions at a price that maximises your capital return. We have a range of innovative designs and diverse material choices to give you affordable options to suit your rental property and increase your rental returns.

And since our level of service is scaleable, investors have the freedom to be actively involved. A new kitchen from Kitcheners ® Kitchens should give you:

  • An increased value of your property
  • Higher rental income for your property
  • Longer tenancy
  • Access to better tenants
  • Lower ongoing maintenance costs